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Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 5.1oz

By: Dermalogica | Item#: 6615101071

Detailed Description

   A dual-action exfoliating cleanser containing Lactic Acid that smoothes, retexturizes and delivers ultra-clean skin. Use of this cleanser prepares skin for maximum penetration of AgeSmart active ingredients. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

  Following the application of PreCleanse, lightly lather in hands and apply to damp face and throat morning and evening, massaging with light, upward strokes for at least 30 seconds, avoiding the eye area. Reduce to one use per day if any sensitivity develops. Follow with Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 when used in the morning.  Contains 5% lactic acid, if too strong for some skin types, ChromaWhite Tri-Active Cleanse can be substituted to help ease the client into this cleanser since that contains only 1%.
Not recommended for users of any topical or orally-prescribed acne medications, Vitamin A, or exfoliation products.  Do not use on skin that is sunburned, irritated, sensitive, or has been recently waxed.

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 5.1oz
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Customer Reviews
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Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

by: M. Watts (Williams, Arizona)
Cleanses my aging skin deep-leaves my skin feeling soft, and moist. Relaxes facial lines.Its worth the price.

Nice but takes some adjustment.

by: Caren (Summit, NJ)
This is a very good product but my skin is a little sensitive to it so I only use it once per day. I can feel the difference in my skin after using it. It's not a good cleanser for night makeup and residue removal. So I use it in the morning. At night I still use the Special Cleansing Gel. But the clarifying qualities of the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser are great so this routine works well for me.


by: mia (brooklyn, ny)
I ordered the small size of this cleanser for my very dry 30-year-old skin. Expected more dramatic exfoliating. After a couple months my skin seems the same - dry, a bit clogged, meh. Smells good and cinnamonny, but for how expensive it is I wish it did more.

Love it!

by: Linda (Glendale/AZ)
The best cleanser I've used.

My new HG cleanser?

by: Jennifer (Eugene, OR)
I used to use Dermalogica, and abandoned the line for Decleor a few years back, for reasons I no longer recall. Lately I have been reading more about different ways of managing aging skin, and the Dermalogica AGEsmart line seemed to have some products that were what I need. Indeed, yes! This cleanser exfoliates nicely on a daily basis. I still need to exfoliate more every two or three days, but for daily maintenance it can't be beat. Better for my 54-year-old skin than the daily microfoliant, and an absolute dream when used with the thermafoliant every few days. Some folks seem to be sensitive to it -- it is pretty exfoliating if your skin isn't used to it. I also suspect (although I haven't read all the reviews), that it's better for older skin in general.

Its a Great Product

by: Mercedes (Centreville,VA)
Its wonderful!! Leaves my face very smooth

It broke me out

by: Ada Hulthen (Auburn, WA)
I have loved all the AGE products until I got this. I don't normally have problems with break out but this product gave problems.


by: celia (dana pt., ca)
I believe this product, slowly erases fine lines. I love all of the age products, and think they have helped my complexion. I feel more youthful than my years.

Made My Lips Dry - didn't use on lips

by: Eileen (Santa Cruz, CA)
I tried this product at the suggestion of my esthetician. Sadly every time I've used it my lips dry up. I don't even use it on my lips! regardless, for some reason it always makes my lips chapped. I've decided to stick with the Ultra Calming Cleanser. I know my tepid review of this product is not the norm here, but thought I should still share my experience.

Love the product.

by: C.L. (San Diego, CA)
I love this product like all the others I've tried in the Dermalogica line. The only thing I don't like is you are supposed to keep it away from the eye area, and that's hard to remember to do.
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