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Pevonia Skin Care ProductsThe Pevonia brand of skin care products was initially launched in 1991. Since its founding, Pevonia Botanica has established itself within the skin care industry as a leader in eco-friendly skin care, which aims to offer health and beauty products that maximize absorbency on the skin.


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About Pevonia Skin Care Products

Pevonia BotanicaPevonia focuses on using only the highest quality marine and botanical ingredients. Pevonia has also established a name as one of the most influential worldwide leaders in the realm of skin care. Their products are designed, not only for home markets, but for professionals as well, and are commonly used by the most elite spas and the most professional aestheticians.

DeAging Body Balm: PapayaPineapple 5ozUsing the right ingredients is absolutely essential when it comes to good skin care. An excellent example of this is Pevonia's de-aging body balm,which utilizes pineapple and papaya to yield youthful, healthy-looking skin. Pevonia's lineup of skin care products is categorized based on its primary function or the type of skin that it is used to treat. For example, Pevonia has a combination skin care line, an RS2 line, a sensitive skin care line, a special line for all skin types, a Lumafirm line, a power repair skin care line, a SpaTeen line just for younger skin and skin kits to suit a wide variety of different skin care types and problem areas.

RS2 Gentle Lotion (Toner) 6.8ozPevonia's combination skin care line offers a balancing combination skin cream and a combination skin cleanser. The RS2 line of products contains a RS2 care cream, a RS2 concentrate, a RS2 gentle cleaner and a RS2 gentle lotion or toner product.  The Pevonia sensitive skin care lineup by Pevonia includes a sensitive skin cleaner, a sensitive skin lotion and a soothing propolis concentrate. Pevonia also offers a Lumafirm line of products, which includes a freeze dried at home intensifier, a freeze dried intensifier that comes with a repair cream sample and a repair cream that offers lifting and glowing of the skin.

Pevonia's power repair line offers an age-defying marine collagen cream, an age-defying marine collagen concentrate, a hydrating cleaner and a hydrating lotion. The special line is designed to treat all types of skin and offers an enzymo-spherides peeling cream and a gentle exfoliating cleanser. The gentle exfoliating cleaner is touted as being the best exfoliant for sensitive skin, oily skin and combination skin though it is designed to work well with all skin types.

Pevonia Skin Care Tips

Ultimately, Pevonia's skin care products are designed to combine marine compounds with botanical compounds in order to deliver high quality, results-driven skin care products to professional and home-based users. These purely natural skin care products can drive results without utilizing harsh compounds on the skin in the process. Those who chose Pevonia products enjoy the large variety of skin care products offered. Customers who are looking for the perfect skin care solution for every possible situation will benefit from the Pevonia lineup of high quality products because there truly is something to suit every type of skin and every type of skin care issue. 

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"The Best! I love this. Keeps my skin calm and refreshed."
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