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A group of assorted Dermalogica professional skin care productsDermalogica has been making beautiful skin look great for over twenty five years. As leading skin care company, Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Dermalogica is manufactured in the USA, and only uses the very best ingredients that are gentle on the skin and never tests on animals. Dermalogica is skin care redefined.

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About Dermalogica Skin Care Products

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While other brands choose to focus on fancy packaging and slick advertising, Dermalogica invests in quality ingredients instead, making it a favorite line among dermatologists and skincare professionals. Whether its soothing botanicals to help calm redness or potent retinol to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Dermalogica uses highly effective ingredients that help promote skin health fitness so your skin doesn’t just look good on the surface – it’s healthy down deep.

The only trick is choosing the right product range for your particular skin!

Dermalogica UltracalmingDermalogica offers several different lines, each designed to treat specific skin issues. The UltraCalming line is ideal if you have sensitized skin that reacts to triggers with itching, stinging, and redness. With Dermalogica’s exclusive UltraCalming Complex, which contains oat and active botanicals, the products help reduce inflammation and shield the skin from environmental factors that might cause a reaction. The Barrier Repair is a waterless moisturizer that has a velvet-like texture and not only hydrates your skin but helps soothe and protect it from irritation. Pair it with the UltraCalming Serum Concentrate if you’re experiencing extreme sensitivity – the serum actually penetrates the skin to stop inflammatory triggers and prevent skin reactions while calming existing itching, burning and redness at the same time.  The formula’s evening primrose, sunflower seed, and avocado extracts help restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier, so you’re protect from further irritation.

MediBac ClearingIf you’re suffering from adult acne, Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing line can help clear current acne and prevent future breakouts with a formula that isn’t too irritating for adult skin. Instead of the harsh benzoyl peroxide often used in teenage acne treatments, the Overnight Clearing Gel contains salicylic acid to help remove dead skin cells that can clog the pores and cause breakouts, tea tree oil to kill bacteria, and nicinaminde and biotin, to soothe the skin.  During the day, the lightweight Oil Control Lotion hydrates the skin, but also absorbs excess oil that may clog the pores and cause unsightly shine.

When you’re trying to fight the visible signs of aging, Dermalogica’s AGE Smart line can be a powerful anti-aging ally. The range features high-tech ingredients that actually impact the major biochemical reactions that trigger skin aging so your skin looks firmer and smoother.

The MAP-15 Regenerator by Dermalogica features an innovative power-to-emulsion formula that contains magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP), a highly effective form of vitamin C, along with a blend of white tea, glucsamine, hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, and algae to help brighten the skin, stimulate collagen production, and increase firmness, elasticity, and hydration by neutralizing free radicals. You can use it as a spot treatment where signs of aging are especially visible, or mix a small amount in with your moisturizer for an all-over treatment. In the evening, the Overnight Repair Serum contains highly potent peptides that help promote cell repair to reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten the skin. You can apply it directly to cleansed skin or blend it with your favorite night cream.


Dermalogica Brand"Nothing like it. The best. My Dermalogica regime has completely transformed my skin. I am so pleased." Featured Testimonial JBL (Maine)