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The Clarisonic brand, created by Clarisonic Opal & Clarisonic PlusPacific Bioscience Labratories, was established by scientists, engineers, and the primary inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush, one of the best-selling sonic-based consumer products of all time. It is their mission to develop and market technically advanced and clinically proven products that make a clear difference in skin care. With Clarisonic, the aim is to revolutionize skin care in the same way sonic technology changed forever how millions care for their teeth and gums. Healthy skin begins with Clarisonic.

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About Clarisonic / Sonic Skin Care

Clarisonic products are designed to utilize sonic technology to revolutionize the way you improve your skin. Sonic cleansing and Sonic infusion are two different techniques. The first, sonic cleansing, is designed to soften, clean and smooth out the skin using 300 movements or more per second. And Sonic infusion, designed to hydrate the skin instantly, building on its resilience over a period of time to produce healthier, younger-looking skin.

White Clarisonic PLUSWe offer a variety of Clarisonic products, including the Clarisonic PLUS in white or grey, the Clarisonic Opal in black and the Clarisonic Mia 1 and 2, which are available in several different colors. Each is capable of producing astounding effects on the skin, but each product also has specific uses in which they excel. The Clarisonic PLUS, for example, is capable of offering three different brush speeds and so it is excellent for not only the sensitive skin on the face, but the neck and arms as well.

Black Clarisonic OpalThe Clarisonic Mia, the classic Clarisonic sonic brush, leaves the skin soft, shiny and smooth by removing impurities. The Clarisonic Opal is the product best recommended for producing anti-aging results because it is a small manual tool that can be used directly around the eyes. If you aim to produce anti-aging effects at home naturally, this is a product worth considering.

Sonic infusion is best achieved with the Clarisonic Opal. The soothing action of this product combined with the Clarisonic anti-aging sea serum is the best way to target all those wrinkles, fine lines and the puffiness around the eyes. After using this revolutionary product, your skin will be left feeling refreshed and hydrated, two essential keys in creating an anti-aging effect. This anti-aging sea serum was developed specifically to work with the Clarisonic Opal, because the dynamics of sonic infusion combined with this multi-faceted approach to healthy skin work hand in hand to promote the best possible results.

Clarisonic Skin Care Tips

The great thing about the Clarisonic line up of products is that they can be used to treat all types of skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can benefit from the gentle Sonic cleansing procedure. Those with dry, combination and oily skin types will benefit from sonic cleaning  and sonic infusion. Sonic cleansing can be twice as effective (or more) than manual cleaning methods, which results in more the removal of more makeup and dirt in comparison with manual cleansing.

The final result when you use a Clarisonic product is skin that is beautiful, clean and radiant. The Clarisonic lineup of products is going to be essential in producing healthy, high quality skin, either alone or in conjunction with other skin care products available on the market today.